Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Free Crochet Patterns For Advanced Beginner - Advanced Crochet Tutorial

Its fun to prepare crochet designs. It's as fun and exciting for a beginner as to an expert crothetier. "CROCHET" the word comes with a lot of potential of creativeness and possibility to explore designs laterally.

The crochet craft can be used to make anything, almost everything; both the thread and hook can be used creatively to make things like scarves, bandanas, pullovers, Hats, gloves, dresses, jewelry and many more accessories.

Just think about it and most probably a crocheted form of it should exist and if not you are in for a new concept, that's creativity!. Creativity, now that is a term that we often come across but most often we neglect it as if we were alien to it.

Everyone has the potential to be creative and it is not limited to some people only, you start being creative the moment you do things yourself and then gradually as you can mix your ideas by implementing them in a particular fashion you can call yourself creative. There are many online resources in the form of website that offer various designs and patterns that can be made.

My destination shall be for the simple reason that's its database of designs is the largest I have came across and the best I would say. It can surely keep you occupied for the next 3 years.

Now what makes me think so, let me explain it has a wide range of hat patterns to offer , lets count it to reach to figure, It's Difficult to be a Green Hat,Instant Enjoyment Hat, Lacey Casey Cap, It Striped Me Funky Hat, J.T.'s Favorite Stitch Chemo Cap, Julie's Fulled Cap, Cool Rock Ski-Beanie, "Mushroom" Cap, Kinky Reggae Hat, Jacqueline Modern Flapper Bonnet, Kalispell Hat, Lace Cap Kitty Cat Hat, Lace Juliet Cap, Kathleen Contemporary Flapper Hat, Kitty, 4 Star Cloche, 3-Way Cap and and list goes on!!!! Actually the most valuable resource I came across.

But before you involve yourself in a difficult project you should ensure that the basics are clear in terms of the technique and accessories used like the knitting process and its application on fabrics.

Take one thing at a time and do not hurry to get things right on your first attempt, have a picture of the design in mind and then try it out practically when your are satisfied then take the next step towards completing your project.

Some other basic of the process include chain making, single crochet or a slip stitch Be sure that you know the art to make solitary crochet or slip, chain, trebling, a double treble, braid with double treble, half treble, buttonholes (Both vertical and horizontal), chevron strips, decreasing, increasing, scallop edge and chevron pattern (arches, angles, triple treble, twisted switch, lattice switch, liitle leaf, little leaf, up and down, raised basket weave, crab, cluster, picot leaf, picot lace, steps,) Afghan or Tunisian crochet is a different field.

Joining a training program is good idea as well. Internet sites provide such training manuals as well. Once you are done with your basics try your hand on these free websites for further resources they can keep you occupied for quite some time.

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